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Application of screw centrifugal pump in sludge treatment

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A screw centrifugal pump is the most critical part is its unique screw centrifugal impeller, also has a centrifugal and spiral section, combining the traditional centrifugal pump efficiency and screw pump without clogging the advantages of both, so that the screw centrifugal pump.
2, the origin of the screw centrifugal pump
The origin of a screw centrifugal pump in Switzerland, the original purpose is to help Peru fish factory from the boat and the live fish transport, relying on the screw centrifugal impeller of non clogging and soft transport characteristics, pump can be intact live fish from nets is transported to the ship again with ships conveying to the processing of the factory. With the development and perfection of the product, the application field of the screw centrifugal pump is gradually expanded.
3, the application of the centrifugal pump is widely used in the field of municipal sewage, sludge, petrochemical, pulp wastewater, food processing and other fields.
4, the characteristics of the screw centrifugal pump
Compared with the ordinary common impurity pump and the swirl pump, the structure of the screw centrifugal pump has the following characteristics:
A, no blocking performance: leaf forming channels, plus import oriented and spiral boost can be transported with large particles and fiber material liquid, especially long fiber objects can be passed. The solid concentration of transport is higher than other types of non clogging pump. Compared with the conventional centrifugal impeller with similar outer diameter, the diameter can be improved a lot. B, soft delivery, good performance: solid liquid two phase fluid in the role of the equilibrium of the screw force gradually move forward, the flow direction without sudden changes, and thus the flow balance. In the process of sludge treatment, it is especially suitable for transporting activated sludge, which can keep the characteristics of activated sludge. C, high efficiency and high efficiency area D, power curve is flat. E, with the characteristics of steep drop curve: when the head changes, the flow changes small, can ensure continuous and stable operation. F, pump suction performance is good: vane pump before extending to the inlet, so it can be pumping gas medium, when the trace gas inhalation, pump performance, vibration, noise basically does not change, when the gas content exceeded 40%, pump, although it will produce intermittent vibration, but can still run. G, high solids content.
5, the application of the screw centrifugal pump in the sewage treatment
In our large number of investigations, the most prominent problem is that the sewage plant water pump is often blocked. A reason is water pumping station to use a lot of construction waste has not been cleared up, many loose small stones, small reinforced, scaffolding pipe in the construction after the completion is still stay in the water pump room pool bottom. Another reason is that the sewage itself contains all kinds of garbage, although there are grid block, but the coarse grid spacing is generally larger for 20-30mm. Debris, especially the fiber material, etc., or will be through the interception of the ball as a snowball like in the water pump and the larger the impeller plug, the device stops running.
The traditional centrifugal pump, when the water flows into the vortex shell, by centrifugation was thrown, due to a 90 degree angle to the direction of blast crisis is bound to have a significant impact, a sudden change in the direction of, easy to make solid because of inertia to stay within the vortex shell or on the impeller, resulting in blocking, and greatly reduces the traditional centrifugal pump pumping capacity.
At the same time, the traditional centrifugal pump in the transmission of fiber is powerless. The conventional non clogging pump claims that the spherical particle size of the solid is only a rule for the rule of solid particles, and can not reflect the ability of the fiber body. But in fact, when the objects fiber through a large number of (such as hair, Ms. stockings, sanitary napkins), the fiber into the pump body is hook the impeller, is wound on the impeller, until the water pump to stop rotating.
The advantage of non clogging of the screw centrifugal pump is that the impeller has a twisted helical blade, and the radius of the blade is gradually enlarged, and the radius of the blade is gradually enlarged. Shell suction mouth, a lining and a vortex shell is composed of three parts, ceiling opening part of the impeller, produce a spiral propulsion, the vortex shell portion of the impeller produces centrifugal effect, the blade inlet part of the acute angle will debris oriented axis accessory, re-use of spiral effect to advance along the axis, the solid particles into the impeller by balanced spiral force along the helical blade formed by rotating paraboloid into the pump body, although the same is a 90 degree turn, but the particle trajectory through the screw centrifugal pump is gradual, so that the fluid is in a smooth open channel and in force, low flow conditions through the pump. And this unique design also allows a large amount of fluid without obstruction through.
For special soft easy winding the hair fiber fines, impeller inlet lining design a unique projections, can effectively these fibers leave, so that the impeller is located behind the circle of protection. This will not only prevent the impeller tip hooked fibers cause obstruction, but also to prevent the damage to the fiber winding impeller caused by the impeller tip, to solve the traditional non clogging pump fiber blocking problem.